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Brake ServiceThe brakes and braking system are, more than any other part of the car, responsible for the safety of the occupants of the vehicle. When driving around the roads of Plainfield, IN, you’ll want to keep your brakes in the best shape possible to avoid danger and expensive repairs and replacements. At Raymond’s Auto & Truck Service in Plainfield, IN, we are the local brake experts. No matter what you drive or what shape it’s in, if it has brakes, Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair can fix it.

Brake Service in Plainfield, IN

Keeping up with regular brake service and maintenance is of the utmost importance when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. Driving with worn or destroyed brake shoes or pads can mean serious problems for your braking system, and can lead to more costly fixes in the future. Hear a squeaking or grinding when you depress the brakes that maybe you never heard before? That’s a surefire way to know you are probably overdue for brake service. Before it becomes an expensive repair, bring it into Raymond’s Auto & Truck Service for brake service.

Brake Repair in Plainfield, IN

So you didn’t keep up with regular brake maintenance and now you’ve got a braking problem. All of the following are signs that you need brake repair and should bring your vehicle in immediately:

  • Brakes squeak when used
  • Brakes shake or vibrate when used
  • Brakes grind when NOT in use
  • Brakes feel squishy or spongy

Continuing to drive on brakes exhibiting these behaviors is not only dangerous, but it can also lead to the complete breakdown of your braking system. That’s not something you want to happen on the highway or in traffic, right? If you need brake repair in Plainfield, IN, trust the brake experts at Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair.

Brake Service Near Me

Keeping your car’s main safety feature – the brakes – in tip-top shape should be top-of-mind when it comes to considering your car’s maintenance. At Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair, our ASE Certified brake experts can help you keep up with regular brake maintenance or help provide needed brake repairs. All our work is protected with a 3 year/36k mile nationwide warranty, so you know the job is done right. Make an appointment with Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair today.

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