Heavy Duty Diesel

Heavy Duty DieselLots of little kids dream of growing up to drive big trucks and machinery. Well, look at you – you’re living that dream. Every day you get up and you pilot some of the most impressive mechanical wonders on the planet, all powered by diesel engines. Keeping these machines and vehicles going is a specialized task that can’t be trusted to just any repairman. At Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair, our ASE Certified diesel experts are uniquely qualified and specially trained to work with these machines, and diesel enthusiasts in Plainfield, IN, know that we are the best heavy-duty diesel engine repair shop around.

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Service in Plainfield, IN

Moreso than perhaps any other engine we service and repair, the heavy-duty diesel engine is extremely large and extremely complicated. Because of this complexity, diesel engines require special attention to detail by the mechanics that work on them. Heavy-duty diesel engine vehicles are defined as vehicles of GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of above 8,500 lbs in the federal jurisdiction. Diesel engines used in heavy-duty vehicles are further divided into service classes by GVWR, as follows:

  • Light heavy-duty diesel engines: 8,500 < LHDDE < 19,500
  • Medium heavy-duty diesel engines: 19,500 ≤ MHDDE ≤ 33,000
  • Heavy heavy-duty diesel engines: HHDDE > 33,000

Heavy-duty diesel engines aren’t usually found in vehicles you see on the road, aside from larger big-rigs, busses, and the like. Heavy-duty diesel engines are usually reserved for agricultural and construction equipment. Knowing that you can imagine we get some pretty big service jobs at Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair.

Heavy-Duty Engine Repair in Plainfield, IN

Heavy-duty diesel engines can be huge, so when they have problems they can be huge problems. Breakdowns in farm or construction equipment can cost you money minute-to-minute, and downtime for your heavy-duty equipment is generally unacceptable. Our specialized ASE Certified mechanics have the know-how to fix these impressive machines, and that uncommon knowledge is less and less common among auto repair shops, even diesel shops, these days. If your heavy-duty diesel engine is in need of repair, you won’t find another repair shop in Plainfield, IN, that is anywhere near as qualified to repair it.

*We are preferred venders on these National fleet service accounts:

  • Element Fleet management
  • Lease Plan USA
  • Enterprise Fleet Management
  • ARI Partner Connect
  • Wheels
  • Wright Express
  • Donlen
  • Voyager

We Offer:

  • DOT inspections
  • PM service
  • Trailer repair
  • Onsite repair
  • Drive line \ Clutch repair
  • Suspension \ Alignment
  • National accounts accepted

Heavy-Duty Diesel Service Near Me

If your vehicle or equipment has a heavy-duty diesel engine under the hood, you already know how tough it can be to find a qualified mechanic. At Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair, in Plainfield, IN, our team can fix it, no matter how big or small. For the very best in diesel engine repair, trust the pros at Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair. Schedule your appointment today!

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