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Oil Change PlainfieldAn oil change is one of the most important services you can have performed on your car. Recommended for every 3,000 miles on most vehicles, an oil service is essential in keeping your engine running like the day you drove it off the lot. And while there seems to be an oil service shop on every corner these days, you’ll want to trust this delicate and vital work to the best auto and truck repair shop in Plainfield, IN, Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair.

Oil Change in Plainfield, IN

Your engine’s oil is designed to keep all the moving parts of the mechanism working smoothly, and the oil filter’s job is to remove dirt and harmful substances picked up by your engine’s oil. The oil in your engine gains heat as you drive, and this heat breaks the oil down over time. As the oil begins to break down, its viscosity is lessened and the oil has trouble keeping the engine parts properly lubricated. New oil administered during a scheduled oil change can ensure your engine runs as smoothly and cleanly as it can. With the importance of a regular oil change to the ongoing health of your car’s engine, why would you trust it to anyone but the ASE Certified technicians at Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair?

Oil Change & Preventative Maintenance in Plainfield, IN

At Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair, an oil change is just one of the preventative maintenance services we provide. We are also proud to provide the following services:

  • Belt Checks
  • Transmission Checks
  • Tire Rotation
  • Radiator Flush
  • Hose Checks
  • Fluid Checks
  • Filter Checks
  • Brake Checks

All of these preventative maintenance services should be performed by ASE Certified mechanics like the ones at Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair according to your vehicle manufacturer’s suggested plans. Check your owner’s manual for more details on these plans, or simply bring it in and we will set up a maintenance schedule you can stick with. Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair wants your car on the road for years to come, so make sure you bring it in for an oil change and preventative maintenance according to schedule.

Oil Change Near Me

Whether you drive a diesel truck, a European auto, or any car at all, Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair will help you choose and replace the oil for your car. We offer conventional, full synthetic, and synthetic blend oils, and we can help you choose the oil that will keep your car running the way you expect it to. And we offer a 3 year/36k nationwide warranty on all our work, so you know it will be done the right way. Make an appointment for an oil change or other preventative maintenance from Raymond’s Auto & Truck Repair today.

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